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Large health system in California

blood glucose over time with insulin dosing dashboard remote patient monitoring


A large health system wanted to use remote patient monitoring to improve outcomes in their out-of-control diabetes population (those with an HbA1c above 8%). They had been getting some data from a semi-connected glucometer to assist care management nurses in between clinical visits. Their nurses and physicians spent anywhere from 7 to 12 minutes per patient visit trying to gather and understand data. Not to mention the data wasn’t being visualized in a way that could improve the clinical workflow.


During the design and discovery stages of the implementation, Overlap interviewed 10 different clinicians who managed diabetes to understand which metrics mattered most to them. We applied that feedback to the Overlap dashboard to help make reviewing and interpreting data quick and easy. The Overlap solution set included:


Over 15,000 out-of-control diabetics have sent data with their connected glucometers through the Overlap platform directly into the clinical workflow. After Overlap was installed, the amount of time care management nurses needed to spend reviewing data dropped to less than one minute per patient visit.

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