Get, keep,
and engage
more patients.

You want to do virtual care with mobile apps, customizable care plans, device fulfillment, population and patient-level data visualizations, smart alerts, integration with 100s of wearables and your EHR! Why not try Overlap so you can transform how you do healthcare?

Get, keep and engage more patients effeciently


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What's in it for you?

Overlap lets you connect to 100s of wearables and devices and integrate into any EHR

Happy patients, happy clinicians.

Clinicians feel like they’re running in a hamster wheel. Patients are living in a world of convenient technology and better services. It’s no wonder why there’s frustration with how healthcare is being delivered. Overlap makes it easy to keep patients engaged and connected to their health. Clinicians will love you because they can focus on helping patients get healthier. Learn more

Stop fussing with multiple vendors and get a turnkey customizable remote monitoring platform

All-in-one, turnkey solution.

Do you really want to use separate vendors for data aggregation? EHR interoperability? Data visualization? Population level statistics? Smart alerts and more? Cobbling together a holistic solution from disparate pieces only drive information apart—not together. You need a solution that allows you to collect, aggregate, store, process, visualize and engage patients as quickly as possible. Learn more

Overlap is quick to setup and easy to learn

Quick to setup, easy to learn.

We spend a lot of time validating what patients and clinicians want to see to make delivering care more meaningful. Because Overlap’s mobile apps and dashboards are modular in design, mixing and matching features to meet your organizational goals is a cinch. We’ll customize and integrate our platform into your clinical workflow within weeks. Learn more

Overlap helps you make revenue today

More money.

With healthcare reimbursements shifting from volume to value, you need to act fast and invest in technology that’ll make your healthcare organization more productive. With Overlap you’ll also be able to tap into new revenue streams allowing you to invest in your organization’s future. We think making money is way more fun than cutting costs. Learn more

Overlap connects to 100s of wearables and devices

Connect with the best.

Health data can come from anywhere and in a whole bunch of different formats. Garbage in. Garbage out. Overlap connects to 100s of wearables, apps and EHRs and represents that data in the Open mHealth standard data format. We do this to not only make sure patient-generated data is clean but also makes sense. Learn more

Strong security means your patient's health data is safe

Strong security.

We take your data seriously. The Overlap platform is HIPAA-compliant and gladly signs BAAs. Overlap has no interest in owning your data. We’re here to be a service to your goal of delivering value to your patients. Overlap provides APIs and a way to export data so you can have your data anytime, anywhere. Learn more

Get up and running with Overlap!

Get up and running with Overlap!

Let us show you how Overlap can make your healthcare organization run more efficiently today.