Ready to bring patient-generated health data into your clinical workflow? Overlap helps you make the most of your data without adding more work.


Getting patients on Overlap is smooth and painless.

Customizeable tracking plans

Each patient’s remote monitoring plan should be as unique as they are.

Providers can choose to track over 25 measures, making Overlap suitable for diabetes management, hypertension, COPD, mental health, pregnancy and many other domains.

Tracking plans take seconds to set up.


Providers can customize goals for each measure to encourage patients to improve their health.

Notification rules

Providers can customize notifications for each measure and for each patient in case readings go out of bounds.

Send alerts directly into the clinical workflow using in basket messages whenever something is wrong, so a patient’s care team can respond as quickly as possible.

Pre-configuration of devices


Getting a patient to install third-party apps on their phone and create accounts and grant permission to their data is a symptom of today's technology. With pre-configuration, patients will turn on the Overlap app, turn on the appropriate device and start tracking without additional setup.

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Patients are at the center of care, and they create data where they eat, work, play, and sleep.

Mobile apps

The patient experience needs to look and feel seamless.

Our native iOS and Android apps will bring your patients joy and make them want to keep sharing data with their provider.

Patients can perform activities on a recurring basis, see their data, get more resources and communicate with their care team.

It’s possible to deep link Overlap’s mobile apps with your existing patient portal.

Wearable, app, and medical device data

There's too much noise in the wearable market today; too many devices, too many inconsistent user experiences, and far too much ambiguous and unusable data. It’s better to focus on some of the best wearables, apps and devices in the market so you can get the best results.

Devices we support:

We can also add new integrations if you have specific needs.

25+ measurements

You should focus on measurements; not diseases and devices.

We add new measures and assessments regularly and we can easily add support for your custom surveys.

Measures we support:

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Make sense of patient-generated health data easily with Overlap's beautiful data visualizations.

Patient analytics

See a patient’s data over time across multiple measurements.

Our charts and statistics are designed to surface important information quickly, and have been validated with both clinicians and patients.

Population analytics

Zoom out on your population to see how well your remote monitoring program is functioning, and segment by demographic attributes and disease characteristics to gain deeper insights.

Get usage analytics to see how patients interact with their app and make recruitment and engagement more effective.

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Manage patients in a way that suits your preferred clinical workflow.


Get smart alerts that go directly to providers so they can understand how best to course-correct their patients.

Dynamic tracking plans

Providers can turn on and off tracking in real-time, or change how often tracking should occur. For example, they can monitor blood pressure more often after changing a patient's medication.

Providers can also schedule how long a patient should track each measure for.



Get reports so you can bill CMS for the new CPT codes, like CPT 99091.



Send messages asynchronously to patients to improve engagement and care.



Patients can write notes about their high or low readings, and clinicians can read and reply to those notes with secure messaging.

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In the age of value-based reimbursement and real-world outcomes, research that reflects patient-generated health data is critical to your mission.

Data export

Export data whenever you want and get it in the Open mHealth data format, irrespective of where it came from. Clean data makes analysis easier and quicker so researchers can publish sooner.

Inline clinical trials


Create a tracking schedule on top of existing monitoring so you can run personalized trials straight from the clinical workflow. Or apply that schedule across entire patient cohorts for larger clinical trials.

High-fidelity data

Get unaggregated data to feed into your big data analytics tools and platforms, and run your research as you see fit.

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Getting data into and out of your clinical workflow is a breeze with Overlap.

EHR integration

To get the most out of Overlap, you will want to make remote monitoring a seamless part of your existing clinical workflow.

This means integrating with your EHR to manage remote monitoring and to see individual and population data inside your existing tools.

EHRs we support:
  • ✔︎ FHIR compatible
  • ✔︎ SMART on FHIR compatible
  • ✔︎ Epic
  • ✔︎ Cerner COMING SOON
  • ✔︎ Athena COMING SOON
  • ✔︎ Salesforce Health Cloud COMING SOON
  • ✔︎ Allscripts COMING SOON