How it works

Overlap is the most powerful and customizable remote monitoring platform

Here's how it works


Create and customize your app

The days of needing one solution for patients with diabetes and a different solution for patients with COPD are over. Clinicians can track over 28 clinical measures and set up remote monitoring plans that are customized to each patient.

Connect hundreds of wearables and mobile apps

Patients download a customized Overlap mobile app with your organization's branding on iOS or Android. They connect their favorite wearables and apps like Fitbit, Apple Health, Google Fit, and hundreds more. As they follow their monitoring plan in the app, valuable health data is created and collected.

Sit back while the data rolls in, straight to your EHR

Patient-specific or population data? It's up to your clinicians. They'll be able to see both directly inside the clinical workflow. Patients can send data from wherever they eat, work, sleep, or play. Clinicians benefit from a more accurate look into how their individual patients or entire patient groups are doing outside the clinic.

Get smart alerts

Whether it's a change in medication or an out-of-range blood pressure measurement, Overlap can send messages to the patient and relevant providers. All necessary parties remain in the loop without being bombarded with alerts.

Engage patients through two-way communication

Clinicians and patients can message each other through Overlap to clarify data points or share and learn ways to improve daily activities for a healthier and happier life.

Generate reports

Conducting research? Billing payers? Presenting data to the CFO? Whatever the reason, Overlap makes it easy to export data.
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